In the mountains (or: The importance of wandering)   (2017 - in progress)

In 2017 I started the project In the mountains (or: The importance of wandering). The project is inspired by, among other things, photographic panoramas as made in the late 19th century for topographical and later military purposes. In a sense this functional application of photography reflects the fascinating urge for 'scientific completeness', which is so typical for that time. The second half of 19th century was a time of new inventions, discoveries and great expectations.

With In the mountains (or: The importance of wandering) I try to explore boundaries between ‘wandering about’ and ‘getting lost’. On the one hand, it is a prerequisite to reconsider your views and gain new insights ... but it is also a reflection on the directionlessness of this time.

It is a fictional journey in which I play a game with fantasy versus reality ... with hope and consolation versus pragmatism.

(This project is still under development)