In the mountains (or: The importance of wandering)   (2017 - in progress)

In 2017 I started the project In the mountains (or: The importance of wandering). The project is inspired by, among other things, photographic panoramas as they were made in the late 19th century for topographical and later military purposes. In a sense, this functional application of photography reflects the fascinating pursuit of 'scientific completeness' that is so typical of that time. The second half of the 19th century was a time of great curiosity, a time of new inventions, discoveries and great expectations.

For this project I did research in museums into topographic panorama photography, dioramas and old paper puppet theaters.

With In the mountains (or: The importance of wandering) I try to explore the boundaries between "wandering" and "getting lost." An area where you can reconsider your own views and gain new insights.

It is a fictional journey in which I play a game with fantasy versus reality, with hope and comfort versus pragmatism. A journey without purpose or destination.

The majority of the works that I have made in the past two years are series of collages and unique books, in which several collages have been brought together. In total there are now 4 collage series, a series of four dioramas (in collage), 5 books, 2 photo series, a “mountain theater” and a couple of other works. And in addition, I am still working on a number of long panoramic paintings.

The project is still in progress and I have not yet been able to document all the works.