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Luuk Wilmering’s oeuvre comprises installation pieces, collages, audio walks, works for slide carousels and artists’ books.
In the artists’ books, the starting point is usually a self-portrait of the artist or a series of collages. The works offer a humoristic commentary on aspects of daily life. Wilmering has an eye for the poetry of the commonplace. All books were published by the artist himself, usually in limited editions. Wilmering’s works are characterised by the extreme care that goes into their compilation.
The books and editions are thematically linked to the artist’s other production. In his work, the artist usually focuses on situations of humanity that are modest in scope, but Wilmering portrays them with such precision that they evoke a feelingof intimacy.
Wilmering is able to paint a striking portrait of impotence: the inability to behave according to the conventions of social interaction. His pictures often depict situations of hard luck and powerlessness. For the viewer, such images occasionally give rise to an awkward feeling of mild embarrassment or confusion. But thanks to their honesty and clarity, they always retain a prepossessing charm.
In his work, Wilmering explores his own position as a human being and an artist. In doing so, the artist doesn’t provide definite answers. But at the same time, his work acts as a kind of template for the viewer’s recognition. Viewing the work, the viewer is challenged to consider his or her own life and history.


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