Wilmering’s œuvre comprises installations, collages, photography, drawings and paintings. He also produces numerous artists’ books.

In his work, he continually investigates, not without humour, his position as person and as artist. The mirror-effect between the artist and his public is an important element in his work. In his collages, he takes his images out of context in the same way as he repeatedly takes himself as artist out of the context of general artistic practice.

Photography is a recurring element within his different series. He either makes photographs or uses photographs as material for his collages. His self-portraits show the artist in everyday situations that, through their very banality, acquire a tragicomic and sometimes sour quality.  

His photography, his various collage series, paintings, installations, multiples and books are all born of his feeling that reality consists of “pretty aimless chains of coincidences and absurd situations, in which it’s easy to lose your way.” His works are constructed from pseudo-events, stories that run parallel to the reality in which Wilmering has made sudden shifts and enlargements.

In his work, all collages are invariably made by hand. He cuts out images and integrates them with other pictures, as neatly as possible and always according to the correct perspective of the photo. Wilmering willfully makes no use of Photoshop and remarks: “The time-consuming work involved in making these collages is for me a statement for ‘slow art’ and a humanistic sense of proportion.”